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Anthropological Consulting 
for small, medium and large companies 


Our speciality is researching socio-cultural changes and identifying the most current cultural potentials in order to promote Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), social impact and productivity of modern companies.

Faster than ever before, our world is changing and cultures are blending. It is therefore essential for companies to constantly update their Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategies and improve their societal impact to better benefit from this ongoing dynamic. Thanks to our qualitative and quantitative data, we develop innovative and effective concepts for D&I.

We help companies to make optimal use of socio-cultural dynamics and to increase their potential. 

We also offer innovative and effective programs to dynamize the company:

  • Women's Empowerment - more than a woman-: For the personal and professional development of today's women in leadership
  • Work-family-balance: The use of the potential offered by the family structure as a resource for personal and professional growth
  • Ethnic diversity, productivity and stewardship: Innovative strategies for prevention and better integration and valuing diversity 



The potential growth of the African market is currently attracting many international investors. With our anthropological know-how, CULTURE4BUSINESS, you have best access to the African market. 


To date, entrepreneurs have mainly relied on the expertise of economists and engineers for the feasibility of their projects, . However, these consultants do not have access to in-depth cultural knowledge and realities. This obsolete investment model therefore results in major problems due to cultural differences. Much more than just an intercultural training. Our solutions focus on two areas: market analysis and human resources and relations:

  • Study the scope of your project in relation to the cultural and social realities of local societies
  • Support from the planning to the realization of your project and for its sustainability.
  • Anthropological field investigation
  • Identification of local cultural potentials for better working environment in your company
  • Coaching of employers, executives and employees for a lasting synergy between work cultures
  • Guidance in a better understanding of local cultural realities


Our anthropological methods allow us to find relevant information about your specific investment project in a given society.